Swearing is caring.

Blue Ridge Parkway, October 2018 (iPhone XS Max)

Celebrating National Coffee Day in Asheville.
H ow did Y ou ce L ebrate Y esterday?


Accurate, I guess.

It’s iPhone Tennis (Macs) day! Sent with Balloons. 🎵”September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire🎵

I’m confused. Is it “Tennis Macs” or “Excess Macs”?

Achievement Unlocked: Turned off alarms before they went off Monday morning while on vacation.

the subtle bigotry of low expectations


Same. 26DDE171-4BAD-457A-B9E8-D042B0C12D2C.jpg

360iDev 2018
Day 0

Tarmac is the worst Inhuman.

Flight now boarding… more like boreding.

🎵 Hey @ron I looked John Fahey up on Apple Music after you mentioned him. Listening to this now and wow. Legit. Any specific recommendations I should check out? 5590BCAE-7EE3-45C8-A66F-32FEE49C2675.jpg

If anyone here is using Apple Music, add me. The new Friends Mix is pretty cool.

I realized yesterday that the heartache, pain, sorrow, frustration, tears, time, and money I’ve spent on my side project wrangling AWS mobile offerings into a working solution could have been spent on a Vapor server-side swift solution instead. The only advantage to using AWS seems to have been Applicable Work Experience, which probably did save a few days of time at my jobby job. I’m not sure that juice was worth the squeeze.

Yesterday was NCBD, as always, but also bonus NGD! I wasn’t planning to fly the Traveler Guitar to Denver when I go for 360iDev next week but it’s here, I feel like I should.

I’ve been on dozens of social media platforms over the last 15 years. They all start the same way: every user announcing their arrival & discussing the platform. They all end the same way: every user discussing the platform; those in charge disagreeing that anything is wrong.

Elephants Jerald at High Street Briar. 2018.08.11

Here’s to you, Guy Reading His Credit Card Info Loudly Into His Cellphone At Starbucks ☕️

A 10-Pack of Songs has been updated to A 10-Pack of Summer: A chronological ride through Summer songs from Agua de Beber (1966) to August 10 (2018).


Am at the beach. Can confirm. qz.com/1347904/b…

sunset 2424 of 5544