Elephants Jerald at High Street Briar. 2018.08.11

Here’s to you, Guy Reading His Credit Card Info Loudly Into His Cellphone At Starbucks ☕️

A 10-Pack of Songs has been updated to A 10-Pack of Summer: A chronological ride through Summer songs from Agua de Beber (1966) to August 10 (2018).


Am at the beach. Can confirm. qz.com/1347904/b…

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I’ve seen dockless electric scooters ridden by skaters, by white collar professionals of all ages, races, & genders, by tourists, by people in every type of physical fitness, all smiling. These scooters are doing what Segway was hyped to do. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

“Gluten Free? Of course it is. Why would we charge extra for gluten?”

My TV is dying. It is time for an upgrade. I’m not having any luck finding an affordable 3-D curved-screen 4K HDR Plasma smart-TV with Ambilight and a built-in DVD player 👎

Sunset 37

Good morning.

Guess I’m Who’s Welcome! itunes.apple.com/us/playli…

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homo sapiens have outgrown their use

It’s too heat. I can’t breath.

Finally. NIN: Bad Witch itunes.apple.com


Some HeroesCon Day 1 (and Day before) pics. I’ll probably take a real camera (or at least take more photos) Sunday.


Oh, not much. Watching Chris Claremont and Ed Piskor talk about X-Men at #heroesCon

…as you do.

Some call it “skating to where the puck will be,” some call it “moving the goal.”

The Wire season 7 www.bbc.com/news/worl…

You’re app doesn’t work right in iOS 12 b1. One star!

Last night’s episode had too many spoilers for today’s Westworld Developer Conference keynote.

Frasier was the worst person on Cheers. How do you expect me to believe his spinoff was worth watching?

Ah… the week where I’m not running a beta version of iOS on my phone. So nice.

I am now 3 years into my selfless humanitarian project wherein I replied to Linkedin recruiter spam with corrections to their grammar mistakes and misspellings. So far, not a single one of these recruiters has thanked me.

Happy Update Xcode Day!